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The UK´s leading holistic cancer information charity

CANCERactive is Britain´s Number 1 Complementary and Integrative cancer charity - some people call us an Holistic or Integrated Cancer Charity (and even cancer active!) We´ve taken the concept of UK cancer charities to a new level: We don´t just cover orthodox medicine but also complementary cancer treatments that may increase your survival and even prevent a cancer returning. We cover new and ´alternative´ cancer treatments and cancer prevention too. Extensively.

All from the latest available research but in easy-to-read articles. We are the cancer magazine on the web. These 3,600 pages will show you that our aim, quite simply, is to help you increase your personal odds of beating cancer.  

"As a GP with breast cancer, I would like to pass on my thanks for the excellent resources you are providing at CANCERactive. I discovered your website and icon magazine 6 months into my diagnosis, and wish I had known about it sooner. Your magazine and website is the only reliable resource of its kind in the UK, and is so badly needed. I would highly recommend you to anyone with cancer." (Letter of the month, May 2013).

Over a hundred cancer experts, oncologists and doctors have contributed articles to this site. There is also a Medical Board including Professors and Doctors specialising in oncology to handle comments. Every penny we raise goes to providing information to help people beat cancer, but then our Trustees and our management take no remuneration for the work they do. How many cancer charities can say that?

Why did no one tell me?

It´s a theme we hear all too often from people after they have found our web site. The fact is that around the world there is so much information that can help you survive longer and even stop cancer returning, but somehow it is just not passed on. People aren´t so much dying of cancer - they´re dying of ignorance.

New Integrative cancer treatments

Cancer centres like MD Anderson in Texas, UCLA and the Preston Robert Tisch at Duke are already encouraging the use of many complementary therapies like curcumin, stress management, diet and exercise therapies, vitamin D and much more. Indeed, MD Anderson now focus on Complementary and Integrative Medicine (CIM). In an interview with top American oncologist Dr Henry Friedman, he described this as ´Enlightened Medicine´

Then there are the new (so-called ´alternative´) treatments like Virotherapy, ´Cyberknife´, Photodynamic Therapy, localised Hyperthermia (Ablatherm and HIFU) and Dendritic Cell Vaccines. Many of these are actually showing potential as complementary therapies. What do you know of these new treatments?


An ´explosion´ in complementary therapy research evidence

In our research centre ´Cancer Watch´ we cover 150 research studies a year, from clinical trials on fish oils to localised hyperthermia with breast cancer; research studies that empower you today, not the ones that promise hope of something tomorrow. We cover all treatments including complementary cancer therapies, new cancer treatments and cancer causes.

The American Cancer Society´s 2012 report talked of an ´explosion´ in research and ´overwhelming´ evidence that certain complementary therapies like diet and exercise could increase survival times and even prevent cancer returning.

Just what we have been telling people in Britain for ten years!

More informed personal choices

Our aim is to EMPOWER people to increase their personal odds of beating cancer; to be able to take more control over their own lives and their own treatment; to make more informed, personal choices about their cancer treatment options. We do this by providing ALL the information, not just on orthodox cancer treatments, but on complementary and integrative cancer therapies too.    


No Vested Interests

CANCERactive Trustees and management take no remuneration for the work they do; we do not receive funds directly or indirectly from large corporations such as pharmaceutical companies, and so this site is truly independent with no vested interests and based on the research that is available, interpreted in a balanced way.

The Patients´ Champion

And so you will find this web site often provides research and evidence-based views that often question the accuracy or wisdom of the orthodox medical status quo, even ´exposing´ some of the self-perpetuating myths. We don´t do this for any other reason than having the patients´  best interests at heart. In the UK, we are repeatedly told we are the ´Patients´ Champion´

Look also for our new CANCERactive patient group website - go to the cancer chat room, post a question, enter a discussion, tell your story. It´s the ultimate support group!

The magazine on the web

The web site is taken from our magazine, icon (Integrated Cancer and Oncology News) and so is in an easy-to-read article format. Those articles, from almost a decade, feature interviews with oncologists, doctors and Professors of oncology working on the very latest developments from PDT to HIFU.

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A note of caution

We believe this site, because it is so comprehensive, offers you just about everything you need to know to help you beat cancer!

We are an information-only site presenting you with information that is already available in the public domain; we do not give advice even though our patrons and advisors number Professors, Doctors and experts in many fields. The provision of information on the website does not constitute our recommendation or endorsement of that information or its provider.

At the heart of this web site is Cancer Watch covering research from the very top cancer centres all over the world. We use its information in every article we write.

Whilst we pride ourselves on being evidence-based, we have to rely on the quality and presentation of the research. You may be aware, for example, of several drugs where the original research was not presented accurately, side-effects ignored and so on, eventually leading to the withdrawal of those drugs several years later.

Clearly then we are reliant on the research expertise and honesty of others. Cancer is a serious disease. 2000 people come to this site a day for a vast array of reasons and with very different personal needs. Readers must consult with experts and specialists in the appropriate medical field before taking, or refraining from taking, action. Visitors to this site should always seek specialist medical advice and notify that specialist of any actions they propose to take as a result of reading this site. The Trustees, Patrons, writers or contributors to this site are not liable for the consequences of any action, or lack of action, that is taken by the readers as a result of information contained anywhere in this site. Such action is taken entirely at the reader´s own risk. Please do not read on if you do not accept this position.

It is only responsible of us to tell you to consult your personal medical adviser at all times. We would also add that if you feel we have detailed something incorrectly and/or you can provide hard research evidence that would lead to other conclusions, we will be happy to make the appropriate changes.

CANCERactive. Intelligent Information. Independent Voice.

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Worried about supplements?

SupplementsHave you read that supplements like vitamin E or beta-carotene might be more trouble than they are worth? Are you taking cheap, common high street, synthetic supplements or premium-priced, naturally-sourced bioactive supplements?

Are you simply confused about what to take?

At CANCERactive we have a clear view that naturally-sourced supplements are considerably safer and more bioactively potent than synthetic alternatives and you will find the research evidence on this site in many places.
It is not our aim at CANCERactive to endorse any brand, any supplier or any manufacturer of any treatment be it a drug, a radiotherapy company or a supplement supplier. At CANCERactive we also do not aim to ´sell´ any treatment. We provide information to help you more easily find things - be it a location for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, or HIFU; or a hospital or private cancer clinic.

Importantly, unlike other mainstream charities, we receive no funding whatsoever from any supplier of possible cancer treatments.

* This Month´s Star Letter *

I just wanted to thank you for the list of 20 -things-you-should-consider-in-your-anti cancer programme - it was both very interesting and very helpful. And your website is so encouraging full of positive thoughts, ideas and so much information-just amazing.


Thank you from me and my family.



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CANCERactive is a charity set up to provide cancer information and support - no more, no less - not just on orthodox therapies but on prevention, complementary and alternative treatments too. That information centres on Cancer Watch which records research studies from around the world. It is not CANCERactive´s aim or purpose to provide advice about or treatments for cancer and as such nothing published by CANCERactive should be interpreted as advice or a recommendation for the treatment of, or cure for cancer or any of its symptoms. Cancer is a serious illness and people should always seek specialist medical advice. In particular, cancer patients should inform their doctor before using, or refraining from using, any non-orthodox treatments. CANCERactive has a very clear stance that there is currently no single treatment, in our opinion (drug, vitamin, orthodox or other therapy), that is a ´cure´ for cancer.

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Important Notice

At CANCERactive we provide information that is already in the public domain.  It is not our intention to provide advice. It is up to the reader to decide if any of the matters to which any article refers might be suitable for them.


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If you have research which conflicts with ours, just address it to 'The Medical Board'. Ever since we started this site we have had an 'open-mind' policy and have expert oncology doctors and professors who will address your concerns.

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